Saturday, April 14, 2012

Deep-Fried Sweet And Sour Spareribs

Serves: 6-8

750g spareribs (cut into bite size pieces)
cornstarch for coating
oil for deep-frying
pineapple and cucumber slices (for garnish)

Marinade Ingredients  (mixed together)

2 tsps salt
a little five-spice powder
1/4 tsp ground black peppercorn
1 tbsp soya sauce

Sauce Ingredients (mixed together)

2 tsps sugar
1 tbsp tomato sauce
3 tsps vinegar
1/4 tsp MSG (optional)
1 tbsp water

1- Marinade ribs for 1 hour.
2- Heat oil for deep-frying. Coat ribs evenly with cornstarch and deep-fry till crispy. Remove, drain & set aside.
3- Heat 1 tablespoon oil in frying pan. Add sauce mixture and bring to boil.
4- Return ribs & stir to coat ribs thoroughly with the sauce. Cook till sauce is quite dry.
5- Dish up and garnish with pineapple & cucumber slices. 

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